1. What are the central services provided in the program?

The Core service combines personal care, medication management and supervision for seniors and others who should not be home alone during the day. By following a physician driven Treatment Plan, our program can help keep people medically stable in their own communities while also preventing premature hospital re-admissions. We add heightened personal care in our barrier free shower along with activities that include art, music and dance therapy. Services are available to those with dementia, other medically fragile seniors and those with mental health histories.

2. How is the service paid for?
We are a contract Medicaid provider with the Georgia Department of Community Health and the Middle Georgia Area Agency on Aging. Medicaid eligible individuals can have their adult day services paid for via the Elderly and Disabled Waiver Program. Contact us for details or the Area Agency on Aging directly for referral to our services.

3. What if I live in assisted living that is paid for by Medicaid?
The State of Georgia now has in place provisions for you to leave the assisted living home twice per week and attend an adult day care program. In our program those two, (2) days can be used to improve certain medical conditions while at the same time enhancing the overall assisted living experience.

4. What if income and assets are too high and a non-Medicaid person wants to attend the program?
Rehabilitative services when physician ordered can be billed to Medicare while daily program attendance ranges from $50.00 to $80.00 per 6 to 8 hour day.

5. How does the admissions process start?
If being referred by a care manager within the Elderly and Disabled Waiver an order for our services will come to us from them as part of a structured plan of care. Or you may feel free to dial 888.408.8880 and speak to Mike in our Admissions Department.